Array, Cross Referencing or something else?


If I add a field within a MySQL Database that is used for creating the navigation bar can PHP use the field?

I was thinking of using a number system. This would then help create a left-navigation bar that changes depending on what the customer is looking at. I would add a 1 for one particular product category (say shoes), a number 2 for another category (say Jeans), a 3 for another category (t-shirts).

Can PHP be used to display all entries from a one cell, if they have a 1, 2 or a 3 in another cell?

In the example above if someone is looking at shoes then every item with a 1 has it’s product name displayed within the left-navigation bar. I want to avoid coding every product using an array. Can this be done with PHP?


I’m a hungover today, but what about…

SELECT foo, bar FROM table WHERE thingy = 1;