Array Add & Subtract

I have a array that holds 24 items (hour in a day). The table is make of week day and hours. Monday is the only day I got going so far. I trying to make it that when you click on specific hour for a day it does two thing. One is change of the cell color, which I’v done and two is that I can get an array of hightlighted cells to feed to php in a hidden form field. Also the array add and Subtract items when clicked or clicked again to remove hightlight. Number two is where I am stuck.

var mycars = new Array(25);

function testResults (mycars, id, field, field2) {

	if(mycars[id] == id + 'on' ){
		//mycars[id] = id;
	} else {
		mycars[id] = id;
	var quote = "";
	for (var i = 1; i < mycars.length; i++){
				//mycars[i] = id;
				//quote += mycars[i] + "u ";
				quote += ". ";
			} else {
				// mycars.splice(i,1,i " on");
				quote += mycars[i] + " ";
				if(mycars[i]==id + 'on'){
					//quote += id;
					quote += "_r ";
					quote += mycars.splice(i, 0, "v");
					//mycars[i] = "v";
				if(mycars[i]==id) {
					mycars[id] = id + 'on';
	var len = mycars.length; 
	len += "Length is " + len;
	field.value = quote;
	field2.value = len;

The table cells have this form an onClick:

testResults(mycars,, myform.remLen, myform.remqaz);

I have tryed creating to array with no items in it- nothing ex(new Array()).
tryed having the function create the array- nothing.

I can get in the items to add to the array but I cant get them out when needed. The splice will not work right. If it takes out the item it then the rest of the array index go down by 1. I tryed to reset th item by splice(i, 0, “some var”) and nothing works.

Thank you for any thought on getting me in the right road.

Boot Straps

If you want the array item to still exist, you can just set the array item to false, or to the initial value of that array item, undefined.

mycars[i] = false;

That was it

thank you

Boot Straps