Arranging collection into groups of 12 (values of 2 or 4)

So I have a collection of objects, each has a value of either 2 or 4. I’m wanting to group them into collections that equal 12.

For instance, if the collection begins:
[4,4,2] and the next object is 4, I would like to skip and insert a ‘2’ object, leaving the 4 for the next group.

I’ve done some googling and saw someone use shuffle and shift, but this is just grouping to sets of 4 with remainders being evenly distributed.

Any ideas on where to start with this would be most appreciated.


It sounds like you’re wanting a recursive function which would loop through and append groups of 12 to an array, calling itself until all of the numbers are accounted for.

puts get_twelves([2,4,4,2,2,2,4,2. etc...])
def get_twelves(nums, groups=[])

Look through recursive function examples like reduce to understand how they work - they’re known to be brain benders.