Are your parents engaged in social media?

my parents are not active in any social media sites in fact they don’t know what is facebook and twitter

My mom and dad never showed any interest to be engaged in social media. but I know some of their friends who spend lot’s of time in facebooking.
Is there any way to engage them in social media?

This post makes me smile.

My parents are into social media. Facebook is the social media they are into.

There are times that I will like to use laptop instead of mobile, then afterwards I will saw my fathers status on my phone. (Ohhh, so he’s using my laptop)
Funny little things inside our home, but It’s also good for them. It’s a means of communication like no other.

My mom is over 60’s and no engagement in social media site only txting and calling in mobile phones while my dad is over 50’s also not familiar with these social media sites. I think they are too busy in taking care of their grandson and daughter.

Lol :). My mom say “what are you talking about?”

My Grandma is on Facebook at 82!

She doesn’t know why it’s asking her to enter her high school education though :slight_smile:
She only wants to receive baby photos with it.

My mom is obsessed with Facebook, but I think it’s mainly to play Candy Crush :wink:

My mother is on Facebook and doesn’t like it, my father thinks it’s a waste of time…

My mother who is 55, is also engaged with such social media sites.

No, and you know thats good for us :wink:

Yes My Parents are Engaged on Social Media and mainly on Facebok.

:slight_smile: It does take a bit of a spunky personality for some folks to be open to new things (young or old), and then to dive in without fear of “breaking something”! Kuddos to those brave enough to give it a try!

My Father only have fb account :stuck_out_tongue: but he didnt use it

LOL yes! my mom is 59 yo and she’s totally a facebook fan

My parents even don’t know about facebook. They are very far from such activities.

[FONT=Georgia]Yes, kind of.

My mother has an account but she doesn’t use it.[/FONT]

No dear, my parents are not engaged with any social media sites. Actually they don’t know that how to operate computer, so they have no idea about Facebook and twitter.

No, my parents are not engaged in social media. They have no knowledge about internet. But some of my friends 's parents are using facebook.

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Based on what I have read here, I am older than most of your parents.
I use social media. But, of course, I am a self-professed ‘geek’ (a software developer).

But my mother, who is 80+, is quite proficient with a computer. She is capable of managing social media but - besides her grandchildren - no one she knows also has a computer!