Are your parents engaged in social media?

Are your parents engaged in social media?

Although my parents are not social media fanatics like some older people I know. But I do see a number of my friends parents who are very much engaged in social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. They do occasionally posts photos of themselves and their family on Facebook but as I saw their activities online I have realized that they seem to have a steady social media routine.

No, not at all. Email and Skype is as far as they go.

My dad has a Facebook account which he logs into about once a year. He gets confused when people ‘poke’ him.

My parents don’t use social media at all. They’re in their 60s, savvy computer users who regularly shop and bank online, they use Skype, they have a tablet … but they don’t see any need for Facebook or Twitter or anything like that - because very few of their friends and social groups use them, they haven’t got a whole lot of people to connect to.

My parents are not engaged in any social media site, I always request them to make an account in facebook . Facebook is very important to share information to each others.

I laughed aloud at the subject line. My parents are totally off the grid.

no not exactly.They only know emailing and if they want to talk to someone far away they will use skype. Thats it!

no, they even don’t know how to mail.

Both my parents (in their 50s) are both on Facebook and my mum is quite active in sharing links and photos (memes, jokes, infobits, etc.). :slight_smile: It’s good that they are keeping up. :slight_smile:

I think most of the social media users are youngsters, businessman and job working. This ratio decreases as the age increases, 45+ years old are rarely found on Facebook. My parents see TV at evening.

my parents also very far away from social media

No not at all. they even don’t have their email ids …lolz

my mom in law is a facebook fanatic, she never misses a day in checking out her facebook. she even interacts with her friend through it.

No. My parents were from before the Internet time. They paid visits and had visitors of the inner circle on a regular base. In between they had a telephone and postcards to contact family and friends, or used their legs or bikes if they lived in the neighborhood. To share photographs they made hardcopy photo albums, had several boxes with diapositive slides and a slide viewer, or invited people for an evening with a slide projector and a screen on the wall.
They had a flourishing social life. :slight_smile:


They can use email, perform web searches, browse youtube and other video streaming sites, use office applications, and greeting card creation programs. They are aware of facebook, but find it intimidating. They can sort of use skype, as long as they have (my) assistance with it.

No, they do not. They do not know what that is:)

Well the wheel of time has changed, in today scenario, there is no barrier to social media. It is a good key point that your parents get involved into social media. As compared to our young generation they do have a wide exposure to the practical market. Your parents can bridge the gaps between your thought process & implementation plan by guiding you through the utilization of social media in proper manner.

My parents are totally involved into FB. Yeah, they have some daily social media routine. that’s so amazing! :slight_smile:

My parents were in their early 70’s when they first got a computer and started using email and the Internet. (My dad even signed up for an affiliate marketing program and began running PPC ads, but he wasn’t very successful).

Mom was in her late 70’s when she started using Facebook. (She’s in her mid-80’s now and the computer’s become way too confusing for her.) Her most common post was “Why do my posts keep disappearing?” She’d also post comments like, “Sorry you have the flu. LOL.”

When I asked what she thought LOL meant, she relied, “Why, Lots of Love, of course.”

So, thankfully, my parents are no longer on social media (or running PPC campaigns).

My mother loves facebook whenever she has a free time, my father has a facebook, but doesn’t know how to opperate it. he just asks us to do it for him.