Are you satisfy with your work?

To answer the ‘original question’ posed, I am not unsatisfied in my work though that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t change direction at some stage or further develop my skillset. If you are unhappy in your work then you have to try and evaluate if it’s possible to retrain or find something you are more content with.

Hmm, cats can easily be satisfied in their work…[FONT=Courier New]


The cat is fed on chocolate effigies and most likely purring loudly.

Yes I am fully satisfy from my work. I try my best. My mato is quality not quantity.

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Yes. due to earn something…

50% but not fully satisfied about my salary

im satisfied coz no choice lol

I love doing what I do now because I’m making my hobby my career. Now only if I could get my career to bring me some income! LOL.

I’m completely satisfied. I have a pretty stable job that pays well, and I basically get to fiddle with websites all day. I have a small team of 4 coders that I get to assign boring things to, and I always seem to have some new web app that needs building. I guess my only complaint is that it takes my office forever to update to the latest versions of the software we use.

People must appreciate their work conditionally and unconditionally, because this is the only way to success.

It seems that everyone is doing their favorite work!

yes I am satisfy with my working position.
what is polytechnic engineering course???

I am not much satisfied specially about my salary. But doing something is much better than doing nothing.

Yes ! i"m satisfy with my work. if you have passion with your work then you will definitely get satisfaction.

I’m not satisfied my work, my salary is not equal with my labour

Actually till graduation, no one really decide which profession to choose as a career. But yes, even you can choose your career after getting some bad start. depends on you what you choose. Do you love what you do. I love my job.

I am satisfied with my job but always have some curiosity to learn more.

No, I’m not satisfied with my job, I want to work in IMB,lol!!!

Why you are not satisfied with your work??

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