Are you happy with your girlfriend/wife?





Lorem ipsum sit something or the other.


yes i am happy with my GF
you havent replied still about your happiness


I was...I'm trying to be happy without her :goof:


I have lost my girlfriend...!


I know the feeling...


Have you tried putting up some missing persons posters?

I didn't know this was the CIA stuck_out_tongue

PS: I am single so no I am not happy with them wink


Have you looked in the kitchen?


:lol: Too bad these guys beat us



Maybe it is the opposite: you're so happy with them that you'd rather have one per day :shifty:


maybe you'll be more happy with them after trying out some of these :shifty: :rofl::rofl: stuck_out_tongue


Naa I'm no player, I'm more the lonely geek stuck_out_tongue

I was practically brought up on the Internet... I know the kinds of crazy people who use it, no way I'm finding a girlfriend on there :x :lol:


This actually reminds me of another thread where someone was trying to get a girlfriend... a SP classic smiley


Of course I am, she's quiet, she does what I want, and she deflates in 20 seconds :rofl:


no prob dude :rofl::rofl::rofl::p (I just couldn't resist hahaha)

hahaha that was a fun one :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I m really happy without a GF and wife smile .. I saw few of friends suffering with their girl friends... so am happy to be alone..


rhysboy84, there are too many welsh stereotype jokes I could mention stuck_out_tongue

molona, I would like to refer to a famous but old quote about finding women... "sane / single / sexy... pick two"... well there's that and the old saying... finding women is like finding domain names, all the good ones are taken but you can always grab one from a strange country. smiley




Hey, dont knock it until you've failed miserably trying it like I did.


absolutely! smiley and she's coming home from other country... Yay!...