Are you happy with your girlfriend/wife?

Are you happy with your girlfriend/wife? Everybody please, give me answer.

Yes. :slight_smile: Are you happy with yours?

lameness of thread > acceptable maximum lameness

No way you can’t be serious? “what are you eating right now” has to be the lamest thread ever… :smiley:

Besides, the gentleman might be going through a crisis of sorts, the least we can do is listen, right? :wink:

we’re listening

That’s a great tag line.

I’m happy with my girlfriend, but I’d be very happy without her. :slight_smile:
I just can’t be bothered going through the separation process.

I’m happy with my wife, but I’m really happy with yours.

Oh the things she can do with a pack of mentos and a can of redbull… :stuck_out_tongue: hubba hubba

hmm Hope wives/girlfriends won’t see this.

[FONT=“Georgia”]What’s your answer ?


Are you happy with your girlfriend/wife?

I’ll be happy if I find one… well, being happy with someone else is really not that easy… you have to be happy with yourself first before you seek it with someone else… or at least I think so…

This question is definitely not intimate enough for my taste.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Hey, he never defined what he meant by ‘happy’.

Are you happy with your boyfriend, kohoutek ?[/FONT]


Don’t answer that ! :shifty:


Actually yes, answer it answer it. :smiley:

Oh, happiness! Don’t you know, I am absolutely obsessed with that term!

As for the original question; it is obviously directed at heterosexual men or homosexual women, or bisexuals, which makes me a complete misfit. Life is such a muddle. :x

The stars are God’s Daisy chain. :smiley:

ahhh another excellent monday threads that I could spare some time answering…lol!

Yes I am happy :slight_smile:

You’ve got to wonder what sort of person would announce to the world on Sitepoint that actually they’re not at all happy with their girlfriend/wife (or presumably boyfriend/husband).


Sorry. Couldn’t help it. It is a great tagline, though. I can’t answer to the question itself because I don’t have a girlfriend/wife. I’m not lesbian. Sorry.

@conrad :rofl:

Why am I reminded of that old gag:

Psssss, Have you got any pictures of your wife naked?
No, I certainly have not!
Do you want to buy some?

Obviously too many years of Barrack room humour. :smiley: