Are tag clouds necessary?

Just wondering if “tag clouds” are a pointless trend that came (and went?) or if it’s something I seriously need to implement in my website?


Its a feature its not a serious feature.

THey’re still a feature in many applications. They can’t be ruled out - Aaron Wall from SEOBOOK still advocates them but I don’t use them particularly. Nearly disrelated content if you ask me.

The first time I saw a tag cloud I thought it was quite clever. I actually spend several minutes studying it.

The second time I saw one, I thought it was OK, but not really worth a look.

After that, it was just another boring cliché, an unwanted distraction, a waste of space.

By all means, add a tag cloud to your site if you really think your visitors will appreciate it. Personally, I’d rather focus on providing useful content.


Tag clouds contain more data for search engines to crawl, and that might help you out, but there are usually better ways of organizing information for your users. Look into information architecture and read about that a bit. See how others organize data for humans.

Hello Rabies,
Tag Cloud is just a part which plays in your PR, Bcoz as tag cloud is textual and keyword rich it is far superior that graphical navigation and helps in internal link structure and improves the value of your link juice.