Are PDF forms required to be fillable? (ADA)

I’ve looked at 508, etc, but trying to find an answer.

Are PDF forms required to be fillable in order to meet ADA legal requirements?

I have tons of old forms created in Word over the years. I can pull them into acrobat as a standard pdf (not using Create Form), and make the document accessible where I can get them online now. The pdf must be accessible when it goes online. Later, as time permits, I’ll go back and make them into fillable forms.

Answers with links documenting this as a legal requirement are appreciated.

Not really the answer to your question, but a useful resource:

My instinct says that unless there is some other way for a user to complete the same task, PDFs should be fillable for accessibility.

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I remember years ago seeing instructions for PDF forms like
"print this form, complete it and mail to … ".
Since then I’ve seen instructions for PDF forms like
"complete (edit) this form, print it and mail to … "
I can’t recall having even once seeing a PDF form that was
“complete this form and submit it”.

If one makes the assumption that government agencies hold themselves to the same standards they hold others to

… The forms on this page are provided in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF). These PDF forms are fully accessible but there is no computation, validation, or verification of the information you enter. These files can be saved and printed. …

I’m not at my desktop so maybe the forms are sometimes editable, but without checking I don’t know. However, it does look like they are “print, complete, mail to” forms. The exception being an online W2 form which I’m assuming is a form not a PDF.


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