Are Google User Product Reviews copyrighted?

I would like to know if the google product review users texts are copyright to google or to the user that submitted it? Hypothetically speaking, if I created a website that just posted google product reviews could I potentially face legal action from google, or just from the user’s that submitted the reviews to google?

Alternatively, is there a way to embed the reviews for each product from google so that I am giving credit to google, and would this be safe?

Anything that is written is copyright to the person who wrote it. They then grant others specific rights to use what they wrote. So the copyright owner would have granted Google certain rights to display their review on the web (and possibly other uses of their review).

Google would only have the rights given to them by the copyright owner which is unlikely to include them being allowed to give others the right to use the review.

The owner will also not have granted anyone else rights to display the review as a result of uploading it to Google. If they have granted exclusive web rights to Google then they no longer have the right to grant web rights to anyone else.

That it is displayed on a site other than that of the copyright owner means that you getting permission to copy it is even less likely than if it was on the owners web site.

Linking to it should be safe.

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