Are e-mail addresses case sensitive?

Hello, Does it matter if you type instead of Is it case sensitive?



Well, it depends on how the destination mail server is configured… but nowadays that’s really rare so I will agree with SpikeZ… No :slight_smile:

I guess it’s not. I’ve tried it and I can still access my email.

I don’t think it would really matter if you typed your email addy using upper or lower case. Passwords are the ones that are case sensitive. :slight_smile:

The mail servers determine this.

According to the RFC, this should be a valid email address

But no server I know of will accept this.

No, it’s not case sensitive, but I think it should be because it will almost close bulk email services problems

It’s better if is not case sensitive. Imagine all the problems it would cause.
For starters, you would have thousands of variations given a name:, Name@, nAme, nAmE etc. etc.

Like all the problems you get on any Unix filesystem?

I like case sensitivity, but Windows has trained most users to ignore it.

Have you tried specifying it as:


any string of up to 255 characters is meant to be acceptable before the @ provided it is enclosed in “”. Of course the one you specified is valid even without the quotes.

Perhaps more people need to look at using a proper email address parser such as for PHP, ruby and python so that they can properly recognise what is and isn’t a valid email address.

Best imaginary address ever!

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