Are Designers Prerequisites for a Successful App?

I’m at an early stage of building an app (my first one actually), and although I am somewhat familiar to design processes like UI design, I really suck at the creative-glossy-finishing parts.

Can anyone give a tip on whether I really need “that guy”? Or is that one of those luxury things than makes no difference at the bottom line?

Regards, Daniel C.

Well that will depend. If you app is really useful and a value added service, then people will use it regardless of how it looks. But if there are lots of similar apps, then a nice design and user experience can be all the difference.

That being said, I would not do the glossy finish. The new trend these days is the new flat designs so keep it flat and simple. It can look good and keep with the current trend:

Design of a application plays a great role in attracting large customer base. So, regardless that your application is good ,it needs to have good design and for that you need to hire a good designer.

A good design and every more important good usability will make a huge impact to your bottom line. While some people will use it regardless of what it looks like, you will find the average user will ditch your app if they find a prettier version of it. Even if your app is the only one in its market segment, you will soon have competition. My advice is nail down a good design and good usability before you launch your app.

Design is more than about “pretty looks.” Design is concerned with making it easy for the user to use the site or app. Hiring a qualified designer means getting a whole package, including making the pages flow seamlessly. You don’t need to hire a designer to code an app, but you may find his/her pointers for useability invaluable. That is what they are trained in best.

Yes, a well good design apps deserve more attraction that a simple apps design and nowadays, there are huge demand of a flat design of apps with simplicity with great functionality but keep one thing in your mind and that is quick applications processing when user clicks on that.