ArangoDB, OrientDB - Multi-model databases, any experiences?


In the huge world of datastores, I’ve been looking for one that is relatively easily scalable in both horizontal and vertical directions, can work with agility, when it comes to schema changes, can also do relationships very well, is ACID compliant with transactions, is OSS, and can build graphs too. With this list of criteria (which has changed over time) and other less important criteria, I’ve ended up looking at both ArangoDB and OrientDB as final datastore solutions. Up till now, through all the information I’ve read about, both fulfill all the criteria in the list, (except currently ArangoDB has an issue with Isolation in ACID and horizontal scaling, but they are working on it).

Has anyone had any experience with either database in a production system? Or even just playing around with them? If yes, what were the stumbling blocks, if any? What did you find in them that was better than you had expected?


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