Approaching Re-Development

Hey All,

Part of any new business is looking for new clients … Im wondering if any of you guys approach old outdated websites for re-design? … If so, how do you approach them without insulting them, or do you tend to steer clear of this method?

Advice would be great.


Lots of money to be made if they go for it. I think the first thing you need to talk about are new technologies and how they would benefit. Some may include:

  1. Social links like twitter and facebook
  2. Jquery
  3. Modern design practices (colors, fonts)
  4. Security (old scripts can get hacked)
  5. Analytics for better tracking
  6. Content management (easier to add and edit content)
  7. Customer management

Lots of benefits to upgrading a site. Just need to see which ones would interest your customer.

Good luck!

I definitely use that method. What I do is steer clear of any critique of the site, and just list what I could do to improve them. Something like:
“An AJAX enabled Contact Form could help with lead generation”.

Interesting … Thanks for your input.

How do some of you start a letter of re-design?

I cant just jump in and say ‘hey, your current site is old, heres what i can offer you’ … Do you introduce yourself first? … Im terrible at pitching, maybe a professional content writer would help draft a lettter.


My experience has been that it’s easier to find clients who want a new website than it is to find clients who could benefit from one but don’t know it.