Application with shopping cart functionality

I have a client that runs a summer camp for kids. We want to consider using a script that will allow for parents to apply for the camp by filling in various information and then pay with an option for Paypal as one of the gateways.

The app should allow for easy installation, creating radio and dropdown fields and allow for multiple camp options. Suggestions?

If you use Paypal payments you can include up to 10 form fields with the Paypal payment form. These fields them get included in your payment recipt email.

Very basic but it works :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need a simple shopping cart system then. Do a search on these forums for “shopping cart” and you’ll find this has been discusssed many times and you’ll find plenty of solutions to look at.

Failing that have a look at http:/ they have 100’s of ecommerce sytems listed.

No- we need more than that though