Application of new learned technology

I am wondering, to get people input on how do they apply new learned stuff? Jobs comes with new specs and you don’t know how to deal with it, as it’s something new. Suppose you know javascript but not that well to implement JSON, and your manager wants you to work on JSON. How do you deal with it? Learn it at home, or learn it at office, and if at home how you apply it to use? and what happens if you cannot understand a language but you have deadline.

I do a lot of learning and experimenting in my own time. But, I think a job should provide adequate time to learn and get aquatinted with new technology.

JSON is a pretty core concept to JavaScript. Any beginner level tutorial series or book should cover it extensively. I’d recommend learning JS properly and going through a complete tutorial or series on the language itself.

Agreed. It can be somewhat limited in terms of fine-grained controlling of data types compared to say SOAP, but IMHO it is usually the best option and not difficult once you get the hang of it.

If you like diagrams, there are some here

And if you want to test your attempts this will help

I think you could easily learn it at home in a few hours or less

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@nofel. Just take a couple step back and see where you need to go from point A to point B. I’d say start by listing out what you need to do. For example

  1. Learn ‘basic’ Javascript’. No need to learn the advanced topics such as closure or inheritance. This should be no more than 4~8 hours. Hopefully you have other programming experiences.

  2. Find few examples of JSON through Google search and try it on your own instead of just reading it. It’s ok if you don’t know how to run the sample code and it’s ok to jump right to it w/o knowing JavaScript 100%. Honestly, no one knows everything about JavaScript.

  3. Ask for help when you’re stuck for 2 hours. I’m sure you have a peer developer who can help you out. If not, you must know a friend who knows JavaScript. If you are absolutely lost in JavaScript then taking online training from would be a great start

I sort of missed my previous job… Recently, I took another job that has substantial pay raise… and that came w/ a price… I no longer have any breathing room during 8 hours of work… It’s to a point where I can’t even study at home due to exhaustion… yeah… I know it’s bad but I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

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So that set a perfect example, suppose you have a new thing in your projects,How can you go about doing it and to make things even fast, what if your on a deadline. what then?

You’re not talking JSON but any unfamiliar tech in general?

What works for me may not work for others and is admittedly not healthy

I start off calmly getting as best as possible an “overview” of what the tech has to offer by poring through both code and documentation, but without getting caught up in anything too deeply (because I may not need it).

Then I calmly put together an “outline” of what needs to be done and in what order (i.e. I put on my “logic” hat)

Next comes the unhealthy part. (nothing like being exhausted to make one feel extremely old :older_man:)
I put on some coffee, start drinking it, give up all thoughts of getting any sleep anytime soon and start writing code - using my “outline” and referring to what I learned in my “overview” to hammer it out.

When the deadline gets near adrenaline kicks in. It’s important to not let panic get in the way, Harness its power but keep it under control.

When all is done, sleep for a day. :sleeping:

I’m not sure if that’s a perfect example. I know all the things necessary to do the job… I just don’t have time to learn the new things to grow my career. Typically, I set aside about 30~60min exploring the latest technology… but…not any more. Technically, I can do it but there’s a specific threshold of coding I can handle per day. I think my max is 6 hours a day…

Back to your topic, you need to break down the step that you feel comfortable. For example, grab a JavaScript book and see the contents. Make the best guess on what chapter you need to read on. Make the best guess on sample code you find on Google. Lastly, don’t be afraid to just jump right on to it. It’s ok to be completely loss but typically you learn the fastest by actually doing it. It’s like riding a bike… yes you’ll fall a lot but you’ll learn.

Well I would say learn that task at home and then ask your senior how to implement it!

The biggest strength of mine is, I am good with finding bug in hindered of files, which even my peer of much experience aren’t. The weakness and worse part of me is, I am unable to solve it, because I am (in many cases) unaware of the programming language or little knowledge, it irritates me a lot and put me off. Like I have 2 aspects.

As what they always say learning is a continuous process, if you wanna know something about certain topic common thing that we do is conduct a research online. There are times wherein I also get lost so what I do is ask a person who have a knowledge with it. One must not be afraid to try something new, besides you don’ have a choice everything changes so fast that all you need to do is to adapt with those changes. Just believe in yourself, and have the passion on what you do.

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