Application/JSON+ becomes Application/JSON+

Hi guys,

So I’m using structured data in the source of an email to send to TrustPilot so that they in turn can send out automatic invitations to our clients asking them for a review. The problem is due to the limitations of our booking engine that I first have to forward the email before it’s sent to TrustPilot, and this is where problem starts. In short when looking at the source of the email before it’s sent it looks like this :

“application/json+trustpilot” (correct)

…But that then becomes

"application/json+trustpilot"; (in outlook 365 and gmail when forwarded)

…and as such when the email is forwarded it is rejected by TrustPilot.

How can I make sure that when the email is received and then forwarded that it remains “application/json+trustpilot”

Thanks in advance, Rob.

PS - here’s the structured code if it helps:

<script type="application/json+trustpilot">
"recipientName": "[CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME]",
"referenceId": "[FOLDER_NUMBER]",
"senderName": "Made Up Name",
"replyTo": ""

you can’t. this value is sanitised by someone else (well, according to your description) so you would have to make that someone change its sanitising.

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