Apple removes "Third intefada" app

This was just funny to me, who’s always raising hairs at the idea that Steve Jobs decides what is and isn’t available in App Stores and stuff… which is weird because I don’t have a mobile-anything that can do app-anything and sure as heck no type of iWhatever.
Apple removes ‘Third Intifada’ app - Americas - Al Jazeera English

When apps get political, it’s prolly pretty easy for Apple to say yes/no, because they’ve been doing that all along.

But what if this had been an Android app? Or… what if this had been an app that let people politically opposed to their current leader meet up and have discussions on the go?

This year, it[Apple] removed an app that alerted users to nearby police drunk-driving checkpoints after US politicians complained…

We have one of those, it’s advertised on like all the bathroom doors in the bars around here. It’s apparently not an Apple app, because it’s still available so far as I know.