Apple New Mac Pro Page Animations


Would anybody have any idea what goes behind Apple’s new Mac Pro page’s ( animations?

The animations are viewable on webkit browsers only - Chrome and Safari.

SVG? JavaScript? CSS3?


Those are images and it looks like Javascript to me… unless I’m missing something because I can see it with FF and Chrome on Windows… so I assume that, if as you say, you can view it with Chrome, I’m seeing the whole thing,

There may be a bit of CSS3 in there, but it’s mainly JS—as made really clear if you turn off JS … in which case you get a blank page. :rolleyes: (= lousy web design, clever though it be.)

This page mainly contain CSS3 and JS.


A friend pointed me to this:
So it seems like they have everything rendered into an MP4 movie, then used lots of javascript to control the playback based on the scroll event.

It’s weird, I saw the static version on the FF when I first loaded it, now the animation works.

Thanks guys.

You’re welcome. I’ll looki into it because I didn’t see any MP4 file but then I was not snuffing while it was being played, just had a brief look to the code.

But if you were not able to see it in FF and you only got a static image, I might be more than possible that what this guy says is right and the reason that you can’t view it in FF is because you may not have the appropiate codec installed for that browser (just a possibility)