Append Statement needs to be broken for any element? Please HeLP

This was created as simple jquery Store Cart feature. however, I am not as clean wiht getting the data to dynamically show to correct HTML5 elements (divs).

This append Code sucks, but works. anytime I modify it, breaks give a NaN value for quantity

			$('#left_bar .cart-info').append('<dt class="clearfix first_item last_item" id="each-'+thisID+'"><span class="quantity-formated" ><span class="shop quantity">1</span>x</span><div class="label">'+itemname+'</div><div class="shop price"> $<em>'+itemprice+'</em></div><span class="shop quantity">1</span><img src="remove.png" class="remove" /><br class="all" /></dt>');

I reall y want to just have the jquery vars go to HTML Div elements of choic i shopping cart.

Can anyone look at this and tell me how to achieve that.

ex: $('cart-product).find(‘quantity’).html(iitemquanitity); something like this, wher eThe value can just be writte. The append is not working out.


Hi @danjapro,

Have you tried using parseInt() on your item quantity variable? You might want to check that the value of it is correct.