.app and .shop domains


Is it true, that there will come new domain extensions such as .app and .shop?


Possibly. People can now buy the rights to sell domains like that, but it costs a fortune (six figure+ sums)—so it really depends on whether any big spenders out there think there’s enough of a market for such domain extensions. From what I can tell, both the .app and .shop extensions have been applied for and are being considered for approval, so it looks like they may well be available at some point. There’s no saying how much the companies vying for them will charge you to register such domains, though.

As I understand it, a company or organisation will apply for the rights to sell domains with a certain extension, like .app. If they secure those rights, they then start to sell domains with that extension. I don’t know if there’s any regulation of how much they are allowed to charge per year. .com domains are quite cheap, but you pay a lot more for some country codes like .io etc. The charges may be a lot higher again for privately owned extensions like .app.

It is also possible that the buyer may keep the domain for their own use. For example if it is Apple who is trying to buy .app (and i don’t know if it is or not) then they could use it just for their app store and deny anyone else the ability to use that domain. Their competitors would then have the disadvantage of not having access to the most obvious top level domain (of course the proposed buyer could be Google trying to block Apple out or some third party trying to cash in on both)…