API request error, JavaScript

i want data from API, but when I hit API URL it shows an error 401 (Unauthorized), I sent the taken as well but not work. kindly check my code below pictures



What domain are you trying to access? We can help to smooth out some of the API credentials for you.

I just want all the images link from api, I have access to api and I generated token. Can you please guide me how to send token from pure javascript?

It looks like you’re doing it right. If they do something different from normal though that’s going to be in their documentation.

Do you want our help or not? Which place are you trying access. We can investigate any documentation that they have and guide you further.

the documentation is not document well, thats why I have problem,

Where is that documentation - we might be able to help reveal further details.

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It looks like you are trying to access a broadcast from https://boardroom.media/

They don’t seem to supply a public API to their content. This means that you seem to be attempting to bypass the normal systems that they provide for their content.


can you please guide me how to send token in header with AJAX so that it will be authorized

I’ll need access to generating an API token for the purpose of testing my code beforehand.

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