Apache test page on non-SSL

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A client has a server that when loading: https://www.domain.com it loads properly but when accessing the non-SSL site, it takes you to an Apache HTTP Test page. My understanding is that it’s a configuration issue, but the support from the hosting reckons there is a redirect in the WordPress site or database.

I need a second opinion or some light shed on the problem.

If you type http://www.domain.com/ in the browser, and it stays there (URL doesn’t change) and shows that page then it’s not a redirect going on, it is indeed as misconfiguration.

At that point the Apache VHOST is only configured to listen to port 443 (https) and not to port 80 (http), so when a request comes on port 80 for that domain, it will not be handled by that VHOST as that’s not configured to listen for it and will instead fall through to the default server, which is that Apache page you’ve posted a screenshot of.

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Thank you. Issue resolved.

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