Apache server

I bought the sitepoint book
Build your own Database Driven website using PHP & MySQL By Kevin Yank

I tried to follow the book to install Apache on an IMAC, first of all my IMAC is running on OS X Lion, which server should I install and shld I do 32 or 64 bit server ?

I editted the httpd.conf file as the book stated, i could not get the server to run.
It states that the server is not running. But when I script the local host in a browser it states it works, but I do not get the Apache screen as shown on page 29.

I have also editted the httpd.conf file and messed it up and I can not find on the IMAC how to get it to reinstall or where can I get the proper httpd.conf file to restore it to.

Also would someone have clear instructions on how to install Apache for the IMAC and which version 32 or 64 for OS X Lion.

This would be highly appreciated.



Have you rebooted after making any changes to the server config? Is the computer you’ve installed it on running a 32bit or a 64bit OS?