Apache: RewriteRule to 2 diferents places

Hi everyone!

I am configuring my Apache to connect with tomcat using the mod_jk.
The connection is working well with the virtual host, but when i try access the phpPgAdmin using the same Url it doesn´t work anymore because the RewriteRule add the appname on the url.

URL Error :“HTTP Status 404 - /department1/phpPgAdmin/”

VirtualHost :80
ServerName domain.com
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^/(.
)$ /department1/$1 [l,PT]
JkMount /* tomcat1
RewriteRule ^/phpPgAdmin$ /phpPgAdmin/$1 [l,PT]

The idea is when someone access the link: “domain.com” it open the tomcat app (this is working) but when access “domain.com/phpPgAdmin” (this is not working) it open the phpPgAdmin.
Someone can give me a idea how to fix this.


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