Apache filesystem and browser url paths


When someone requests a page e.g. page2, then I want to build a url string in the browser that looks like this “mypage.com/page2”.

However, problems arise if page2 is actually a folder. Apache will display the contents of the folder with its own interface.

How can I prevent it so I can build my own paths, without it messing with what apache does?

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Try adding this line to your .htaccess folder:

Options -Indexes

That will prevent directory listing in every folder beneath the root.

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Hello John.

It works. Thank you, it’s really appreciated.

Do you know if there is a way to do something similar for all folders in the root? Otherwise I have to create a .htacess file for each folder that the user creates in the file system.

What I want to accomplish is to be able to use the directory path as a request string that the user can use, without apache interfering and returning its own page.

It apparently includes all subcategories as well. I put it in the root folder so now it works.

Thank you for your suggestion


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