AOL Browser breaking site's layout

I cant even believe im posting this. :frowning: Im building a site for a client and I test my pages in FF, IE, Opera, Chrome and Safari, never AOL. Im chuckling to myself as I type this because since my client uses AOL, she thinks the pages are broken because this is what is being displayed in her AOL browser. How on earth do I even test for this browser and how do I fix layout problems when the pages are displaying the way i want them to in recent versions of the other browsers unless something is really wrong with my CSS, but at this point I cant tell because this is not what i see. Can anyone provide some assistance in this matter, many thanks.

Here is the link:

Hm, blimey, I’ve never heard of that. Seems you can download it from here:

According to Wikipedia, it is based on the same rendering engine as Internet Explorer, so I wonder if the site is broken on older versions of IE too. Which ones have you tested it on?

As web designers, I don’t think we can be expected to test a site on every oddball browser people choose to use—at least, not without an extra fee. You probably need to explain this to the client. The chances of any of her other visitors using this browser is pretty slim.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did explain that to her about the web population using the popular browsers and the very small percentage not using AOL like she assumes they would, but I remember a client asking me, you mean AOL is not the Internet? LOL So I never know what to expect anymore.

I tested it on IE 7, 8, and 9. FF 3.6, 5, 7. I could test and see if IE 6 does break the layout, maybe this might be the case and her version of AOL is probably old as well. I will download AOL and see what happens. Thanks again!!

OK, let us know what you find. :slight_smile:

Well, I tried to download the browser and i received an error stating that I cannot create an account based on my location. How nice… I guess Im done with that. I did finish uploading changes to the site and now they reside at
So if anyone sees anything weird, let me know.

Oh! I tested the site in IE 6 and yes, the layout is VERY broken and this is exactly what it looked like in AOL, from the screenshot she provided me.

OK, so I suspect fixing it in IE6 would fix AOL … although this means that AOL (at least the version she’s using) is badly outdated. I would charge a lot extra to fix it in those dead and buried browsers. Maybe see if she can upgrade to the latest version of the AOL browser. That might produce different results.

People still use the AOL browser? I thought that died a loooooong time ago.

I’d see if you could convince her to move on to a modern browser. If she uses AOL email, she can access it from any browser–not just the AOL browser.

Now that the site has been published, she sends me a screenshot displaying the randomly placed footer and everything NOT where it is suppose to be. She wants me to fix the broken layout for the AOL browsers because she isnt concerned with the fact that the site looks fine in other popular browsers and Im not sure how to fix the page. She claims that she updated her browser to the most recent browser for AOL. Can someone please take a look and see if they can determine why the page or some pages display with the footer dead-set in the middle of the page? Here is the link: this is really getting on my nerves,why is AOL still around, ugh

I actually suggested that to her, but her concern lies with her clients who apparently use AOL and find her site that way. She thinks they will believe her site is broken and that is a reflection of her and her business. I do understand that, but this is a new ballgame for me. I dont test for AOL and never did. I just hope this can be fixed.

It even looks good in IE6 (though the transparent png’s could use the pngfix)

AOL the browser, or AOL the website? There’s quite a bit of difference between the two.

It’s the AOL browser that’s causing the problem with the website you developed. AOL doesn’t even offer the browser on their website any more–it was discontinued in 2006.

I see no reason whatsoever to do any development work for it.

But, if your client insists, then charge your normal development rate plus significantly extra (to account for the additional time, effort, and research for getting a website to work in a 6 year old browser). Once she sees that there is a price tag attached to it, it might help convince her that the browser is more trouble than it’s worth (not to mention that it’s a security risk to run a browser that old). If not, then you would be well compensated for your trouble.