Anyone use Google+ for companies

Finding Google+ to be difficult too use. Anyone have tips/help too make it work for improving SERPS?

Using google+ for SERP purposes specially if you are under a company is not that quite hard to do. Make a page like in facebook using google+ using your business niche.

The only problem with company profile is that, you cannot add people to your companies circle. You can only add back those, who has added your company in their circle. For better exposure of your company page, you can add the link of your company page on your website and whenever you post something on your company page, you can re share the same on your personal page. This will help people to know about the company page in your circle and those who are interested in following your company page, will add your company.

I will have to look at Google+ again as when I tried adding it to one of my websites it used my details rather than the company details. Thinking about it I probably need to make another account with Google to get around this using the company details?

There are two ways how Google+ can improve your website’s exposure in the search results.

First, if you have a massive following on Google+, your Google+ posts, if they are relevant, will appear in the searches that your followers conduct. This will indirectly generate traffic to your website if there is a link embedded in the Google+ post.

On the other hand, apart from slowly incorporating the number of +1s that your website content is getting as part of their ranking signals, they are also embedding +1 info into the results itself (x people shared this on Google+.). Both of these will help boost the number of click throughs from the search result page.

The rules of the game hasn’t changed much. It is still about creating quality and useful content that is worth sharing. On the social media (Google+) front, it will be about building and maintaining an engaging community. A business that does content creation and community building best will get the most +1s and inbound links due to shared content and thus, enjoy higher rankings in the SERPs.

With the same personal Google account, you should be able to create a separate Google+ Page for your business. And to have the Page linked to your website, you have to use the Page’s ID instead of your personal profile’s ID.


<snip> I signed up for Google+ a year ago and never used it as it did not do what I wanted. Looks like things have changed a bit since then.

I have added a page as you suggested and have put a Google+ link on my page. I will have to look into Google+ and see what else there is to it.

Yes, using google + for company presence or for SERPs, it effect a lot in compare to facebook or other site as it it google’s own site.

Just remember to link to your company’s Google+ page and throw some more links at it for good measure, otherwise it probably won’t even appear in Google search or get crawled.

Exactly, not only that is good for your SERPS but you also might get more sales from google+ platform.

The best thing about Google Plus is, it is displayed sometimes in Google Search Pages. I think it is highly recommended to have a company profile in Google Plus and making others to add in their Circle.

Hi even i was facing this problem but i got quiet good explanation on few blogs, may be it will help you, hope it will help.