Anyone use a Canon 60D?

Are there any more fellow Canon 60D users out there? I would love to know where you get your ideas, inspirations and knowledge from.

Any particular reason it has to be a 60d?

Getting insperation I find hard and have to be in the mood to take photos. I try and find a different look on objects. My wife brought me a beach workshop course for christamas and it was interesting to see the instructors ideas; he took more of the sea and sky than I would but even a small item in the frame gives the idea of the whole.

Check out some camera forums for ideas and sometimes go out with another photographer.

No reason in specific, I just wanted to converse about certain settings. Thanks for the great tips!

I have a 500d and I suppose quite a few settings are the same - have you used a slr or dslr before?

This site is helpful DOF Master- you can print out and make a DOF calculator.

I take photos of anything I find interesting - good HDR is helpful but I hate the rubbish a lot of people turn out using it - but then again each to their own!

Yes, I have been using a 60D for the past few months and I am loving it. I just started visiting there is some really good stuff for beginners and intermediates there. Perfect for where I am at.

I love canon cameras because they are so easy to use. The buttons are where they should be which is more then i can say for many other brands. Finding inspiration is up to you but if you are looking for ideas then just google the ideas you have in mind and you will see what other photographers are doing online.

Have any good sources for tutorials or training videos?

try youtube videos. they have plenty of vids on the subject that you can learn from.

The entire Canon DSLR line is pretty similar in terms of having similar set up for taking photos. Ideas and inspiration comes from experience. Try looking at some magazines and you’ll get a good idea of what is a good photo and what is a GREAT photo. Knowledge of how to use your camera can be found in the manual or through reviews on YouTube for sure.

I learned how to use my Canon 5d Mark II by watching YouTube videos.

I have Canon 60 D
It is a nice camera I have used ever.
18MP camera CMOS sensor which is perfect for a camera user to take awesome photos.
And the main feature is that it can shoot 5.3fps continues shooting.
So I think it a nice camera.

60D and 1100D are still the same features? I have 1100D only. :slight_smile:

My wife and I read a book called understanding exposure which was a great way to learn when we first started. Then magazines were the way forward after that. Now we are both professional photographers and make a living from it. Took about 3 years to take off.

I’ve had a 40D for about a year and before that some other entry level DSLRs from Canon. After going through some very unpleasant experiences with Canon, I decided to switch to Nikon D90. I don’t really understand why inspiration, ideas and knowledge should be related to a particular camera.

i use a canon 600D to take photos of my friends. i would recommend the canon over a nikon. canon has a excellent features.Canon has produced a DSLR with lots of features and an excellent performance.