Anyone had any recent success with creating a free Github website and displaying index.html?

A long time ago I successfully created a test index.html, recently deleted the old repository, created a new repository and the new index.html still shows 404 after 24 hours :frowning:

Yeah it’s easy. I’ve done several. Post your repo and I’ll take a look.

But, I honestly suggest netlify over gh-pages.

My repositories can be found using “john-betong” because underscores are not allowed in usernames.

I just searched the forum and discovered it was not GitHub…

So it would be here. You either need to publish it to a gh-pages branch or you can change the branches in your project settings.

Many thanks for taking the time to check the web page.

The changes suggested have been made, also appended index.html without success.

Have you tried recently to create a new repository and test page?

I haven’t created one recently (like last 3 or 4 months), no. But mine still work.


Both work fine. They can be found at and

You maybe need to build the default route, but it looks like GH is trying to hit your repo. You should try that anyway, maybe it needs that to start building your routes.

Step 1 here:

Whoops, incorrectly applied :frowning:

I was falsely under the impression that a branch required at least one master. Changing hello-world branch to gh-pages cured the problem.

Many thanks.

You can change the GitHub pages branch to master in the settings.

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