Anyone else find online business kind of isolating?

Personally, I find that isolation is a big factor you always need to combat against when living the online business lifestyle. I’m not quite sure what to do about this. Some people on forums have recommended joining clubs, and other structured activities like that, but that always seems kind of artificial to me.

What do you guys think?

Just as artificial as going to an office to work :slight_smile:
Isn’t it called social life? Going out, meeting with friends, going to a club to do something you like (sports, whatever) with people that like the same things. If you feel isolated staying at home in front of your computer, then go out!

Find something you like to do and go out and do it. Mom decided to try ball room dancing and turns out she enjoys the heck out of it.

it is easy to find people online are very selfregarding, they care about about only their own business and thus most of the sharings on the shopping sites are not real.

Having made my living online for the last ten or so years, I know exactly what you are writing about! I sometimes find myself in front of the boxes as much as 16 hrs a day, which is too much and inefficient like crazy. At such a point, I leave the house. I go play with my dogs, play with my cars, go for a drive, go to the bar or sometimes just go for a walk.

I also find that most people of similar age to myself have no idea what I mean when I say “I do internet marketing.” and ask all sorts of silly questions, like “What do you sell?”.

When I tell them that I don’t sell anything, things deteriorate quickly and get even worse when I try to explain things like PPC, CPA, PPS, Affiliate Marketing, Adwords, etc to them.

I mean, these people can barely do email!

The consequence of this is that I have few friends my own age as we have little to talk about but the flip side is that I have many younger friends, including the girls…

That works out well for me, so I am pretty happy.

Isolation is a factor which is bound to come in online business. But there are other activities which can be done together with it like joining clubs. To top it up the social media also helps you to be in touch with old friends. Even while working on a non internet job one is hardly left with time to enjoy with others. Here you can at least be in touch with people whenever you want to.