Anyone care about Regex?

I just performed a search for Regex and I see that it spans many Categories which is awesome.

It probably does not need its own Category but would it be possible to add it to the list for Tags?



It’s already on the list we’re considering.

Thanks for the suggestion - feel free to make more.

Lots of languages have variations in regex style/syntax so I think it’s best left in each language category and not its own.

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I agree. That’s why I thought a Tag would be good. Hopefully, it will get added.

I don’t quite get how tags work here. I don’t see them unless I’m in a topic. Seems like they will be underused.

Yeah, I think we are feeling our way along with this. Tags are an add-on developed over recent months, and no doubt still needs some refining. There aren’t many tags at the moment, but you can go to to see the current ones. Ideally, we’ll have a menu link to that at some stage.

It sounds like the process of adding new Tags will be done at a higher level than members. Which is okay in my opinion (not that my opinion matters lol).

Yes, at this stage it’s a static process, but feel free to suggest new tags. Quite a few have been suggested that will be added soon.

Ah, I didn’t know that. It really feels like an addon. Before you guys launched this, for some reason I was thinking Discourse was entirely tag based.

I wonder why they chose to do it more traditional category style.

Yes, because Discourse was made by some connected with the StackOverflow-type software, I was surprised at the lack of tags.

I know you guys are learning the system as well as us but my concern is in the delay of assigning Tags once they have been added to the others Tags. The chances of members going back and assigning Tags to prior posts or topics diminishes.

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Yes, although we already have many thousands of untagged threads that were ported over from the old forums, so untagged threads will be something we’ll have to live with.