Anybody know of a good guide to developing your own mail handler in PHP?

There is Aweber for example (a hefty…at least for my budget at this time, $19 per month) and MailChimp (with some limitations on the free account).

I want neither.

I can build my own.


Does anyone know of any good guides online to building your own mail handler?

I don’t need the fancy web interface and I don’t need much of what these two offer. I just need the ability to send out HTML emails on a given schedule to those who have signed up to receive a newsletter. Double opt-in capability. I think that’s really about it.


Yes you can build your own or find a free newsletter script but the problem is that most of your mails don’t really land in INBOX if you use PHP mail function. It’s better to use an SMTP service for INBOX delivery. You may still write your own software and use a SMTP service like SendGrid and they offer 200 mails per day for free, or you can use MailChimp which is free until 500 Subscribers which you can not really fill fast and even you do then you have something to make lots of money…

I use OpenNewsletter on php for my forum and it works great.