Any WordPress Ad Manager?

My site has grown greatly in the past few months, so I am getting lots of advertising offers, whcih is good, but managing the ads is getting a bit time consuming.
Is there any wordpress plugin or software that manages your ads (automated, ad purchases and expiration, sending invoices and etc) that you know of?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

To manage your 125×125 ads, you can use WP125. Very cool plugin. It’s easy to manage 125×125 ads. You can set how many days the ads will show, and automatically with be taken down in the end of date. You also can track to click too. It also very support the design in one colum or two column. It also will send you email notification if one of the ads expires.

Post Layout
This plugin will give you total control where to put Google Adsene, before, after or in the middle of post or anywhere just with a short tag. This plugin also can put adsense code in the comment form and in the last comment

Ad-minister is a plugin that adds a easy to use WordPress management system for advertisement and other static content. Ad-Minister can doing the ad-rotation, scheduling, tracking impression and clicks, easy integration and automatic setup.

Thank you for the reply. WP125 is the closest thing to what I am looking for and I did play with it a bit, but there are a few things its missing. So, I was hoping maybe someone else knew on any other such tools with more options and features. Thank you for taking time to reply.

My question is can we use google adsense ads with wordpress blogs?

I’m using Widget Logic and WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin, one for sidebar ads one for contents. You should try them and see.

I was just looking into ad servers to start monetizing my blog. I’ve found the following (haven’t tried myself yet):

All these are full-fledged ad servers where you can target ads by geographical location, etc. Also at least one or two of them let your advertisers have separate accounts where they can see the performance of their ads.

Furthermore, AdSpeed and BittAds both have a Wordpress plugin.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that they do all ad targeting and serving magic on their servers. So most cost a few dollars a month (OpenX and BittAds are free though, if you don’t exceed a certain number of impressions). You can also install an ad server like OpenX on your own hosting, but from what I hear it can use quite a bit of resources.

I know that AdSpeed have WP plugin, as well as Epom ad server. Friend of mine monetizing few blogs on WP via Epom, no complaints. I assume AdSpeed is worth checking too.