Any Way to...?

I have laid out a sample index page for a friend who is considering a website. Is there any way to send it to him via email WITHOUT uploading?

If it’s HTML and CSS only (no language that requires your friend to have that language set up locally) then you can .zip those files and attach that file to your email. All your friend would need to do is unzip it and open the file(s) in a browser.

A static HTML/CSS page? Just zip it up and mail it to him.

Edit: oops, 1 second too late :smiley:

Let me ask the next dumb question…how do I do that?

Are the files stored on your computer or on a server? If they’re on a server, download them.

What OS are you on? If you’re on OS X (Mac), then just mark the file or folder and right click and choose compress from the menu. If you’re on Windows, this will help:

I just zipped the file, sent it to myself, but when I opened it, the photo was not there. What do I need to do to get the photo included?

Dick, I presume you are on Windows 7, and managed to zip the file and made sure it contained the document within the newly created *.zip file and you attached the file using your email client and that part worked.

All you’d need do before sending the email is drag and drop the photo(s) into the ZIP file. Sometimes a good idea is to create a new folder add all the files you are wanting to send and zip the whole folder.

Tried everything, and the photo just doesn’t go through. I haven’t a clue, but then again that’s pretty much par for the course. Thanks for all your help.

I would suggest what xhtmlcoder said. Assuming you have a web page file (like index.html), a CSS file (like styles.css) and an image (like img.jpg), create a new folder on your desktop and copy them into that folder. Test that the files all still work by double clicking on the index.html file and opening it in your browser. If the styles and/or image don’t appear, make sure that the links to the css file and the image are right (e.g. scr=“img.jpg”).

Then zip everything up and send it.

If, for some reason, there is still a problem with the image, you could upload the image to your own website (hidden somewhere), get its URL by viewing it in your browser, and link to the image there in your test page file. Then when your friend opens the page on his computer, he will see the image (as long as he is online).

You could even just stick all the CSS into <style> tags on the page itself, and link to the image online, so that all you’d have to send your friend is the index.html file as an attachment, not even zipped. :slight_smile:

Hate to be an ass, but when I try that I am unable to “paste” the image into the html file.

No, it’s not about pasting it, though. If you upload your image to the web, it will have an address like [noparse][/noparse].

In your HTML file, you then insert it by adding this code:

<img src=“[noparse][/noparse]”>

If you were trying the method of just putting everything into a folder (image, CSS file and HTML file, then again, you just link to the image inside the HTML file, with src=“image.jpg”).

Thanks again everybody, I am just not that smart, and decided to send the page and the photo separately, hoping he could “imagine” the two together. Appreciate your efforts a great deal…I learn things this way more often than not.

How about a print screen? Does he just want to see your design or the actual working(clickable) one?