Any problem? If I do not include mysitemap in the Webmaster tool?

Dear Friends, I have sitemap on my website but I want to know the reasons why We should include the sitemap in Webmaster tool. I have already sitemap on my website. What is the relation between webmaster and sitemap. please tell me. In my point of view there is no relation, If we do not put sitemap in webmaster that would be no bad impact in caching and indexing. this is my view only.

If you’ve had your sitemap.xml file online for a while, Google most likely has already seen it.

Submitting it to GWT doesn’t mean it exists there as well, it only notifies them of it’s existence so they can use it.

So it’s important to submit it if you have a new site, otherwise it’s redundant.

After that you can wait for them to find new pages or ping them.

There is no reason for you not to submit your sitemap to Google’s webmaster tools. When you submit it to Google, your updates might appear at a faster rate throughout the lifespan of the website. Although it is not compulsory, it is still highly recommended.

You can also make use of webmaster tools to tell Google when the sitemap has changed - so the changes can get picked up straight away rather than waiting for Google’s next scheduled visit…

Just remember to keep track which Google account has your analytics and adwords. These are all Google properties, so to submit a site map under one Google account and Adwords campaigns through another account could have repercussions later.