Any other CMS people favor?

So let me begin by saying I used to be a Wordpress advocate. My first real dev job was as a full stack dev using Wordpress( can’t write a lick of PHP anymore, but that’s neither here nor there), but has anyone tried or used any other CMS.

My main gig currently uses Sitecore (woof), but personally I’ve been building with Netfly CMS. Anyone have any other good ones?

Long time since I do not use any of them too, but there’s always a trade-off between ease of use, complexity, power and flexibility. I used to work with Drupal quite a lot, which is a very powerful and flexible CMS but at the same time suffered from many other problems, It was easy to have module conflicts and end up with a corrupted database, and the learning curve is quite steep because it demands quite a lot of technical knowledge.
I think e-commerce wise, Magento should still be a good CMS but again the learning curve is steep.

I think Wordpress has some really mean plugins for site building as of late, like form builders.
One thing to look for in a good CMS is, in the absence of a good UI interface for building database driven forms, at least a good API for building forms. It will be hard to find something that includes this out of the box, but if you think about it a CMS is made out of forms and being able to create those at ease should be one of the main things a good CMS should deliver.

If I had to try a new one I would definitely give this a go because it looks good but TBH I do not know much about it, except that it has been around for a while now and it looks alright, not as heavy as others but at the same time might not be as flexible out of the box:

I pretty much only use WordPress. However, if I had to go with another one, it would probably be Joomla. However, I also haven’t used any of the newer generation CMS like Netlify, so I can’t say anything about them.

An organisation I’m involved with used to use Drupal but with their latest rewrite moved to Wagtail.

You could have a look at b2evolution if you’d like - it was one fork off B2/Cafelog, the other being Wordpress. It’s quite a different beast than Wordpress though, not least, no need for the many plugins that seem to be required with WP - it’s all built into the core.

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I had a moment when I was deciding Wordpress vs Drupal and went with Wordpress as (at the time) it was kind of more asked for and I wanted to learn one really well instead of mostly knowing both.

My current fav. (Netlify, I misspelled my original post) is defiantly not an “out of the box” solution, but provides for several options and can be built using Gatsby which is my preferred method and to use that you have to know at least React and Graphql. None the less I was still able to put up a simple blog site from the ground in 48 hours ( this includes design).

One of the things I’ve also looked into is using Wordpress as a content API. Currently for some of our modules that’s how were using Sitecore for our React components.Currently that’s how our new buyflow is set up.

I’m not a fan of Wordpress or any similar content management systems, I would prefer to build CMS bespoke dedicated to my websites but…you can find lots of ready CMS’s on the market. Umbraco CMS is free or maybe Presta (for ecommerce websites)

As I’m pretty new to the world of web design, I haven’t tried many CMSs. I don’t like Wordpress much. But I was pleased with OpenCard.

I’ve used Joomla, and I believe it’s one of the easier CMS. Although I guess lots of people prefer WordPress lately.

OctoberCMS and Publii are awesome

Why do you say that, @sociallypw?

Please give a little more information as to why you would recommend these. Just naming a CMS without comment is of no real help to anyone.

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I enjoy October CMS because it is simple Elegance very fast and easy to deploy and has pretty much exactly the same level of extensibility as WordPress but instead of getting lost in a sea of millions of plugins, the plug-in count is in the thousands, and tend to be of much higher quality and honestly I have yet to come across a plug-in that wasn’t free. It also doesn’t have the same bloat problem that WordPress tends to have. In my experience is also a faster CMS as it is built on laravel which is object- oriented whereas WordPress is not. You can optionally run October CMS without a database as a flat file system as well or use it on the same type of lamp stack as you would WordPress.

Publii I like for simple things that I want to look nice but don’t necessarily need much in terms of bells and whistles out of. Is quite literally intended to be for a small blog it fits the bill perfectly installs really fast it is stupidly simple looks completely elegant and very intuitive to use has everything you need for those purposes and not much extra to distract you


Actually everytime I come to clients who had another agency before and they use any other cms then wordpress it’s usally just problematic.

Quick notice: I’m talking about small business clients. Bigger websites may be another thing.

You’re not seriously suggesting that anything other than Wordpress is going to be problematic, are you @daniel_tutsche?

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