Any idea what to do

recently i have downloaded a important file ,it is a zip file and now it is wanting a password to extract it . Bu there is no password given in the download page . do you guys have any idea what to do with the file . (:

This sounds very questionable.

If you don’t have the password or the owner of the file will not or cannot provide the password, then you are out of luck.

Keep in mind that:

  1. This is a web development forum.
  2. We don’t condone the downloading of illegal content.
  3. We don’t provide methods to work around any security measures.

You must have downloaded a file which cannot be downloaded without owner’s permission or some file who has paid download. So there is nothing we can do for it. Always go for free downloads.

Yes it might have different cases. I had got file that do not work even if the format to run it is available in the system, but runs in my car system or my laptop. Secondly, there might be a price on it, or even there might be a policy or some thing written in the terms and condition for the website. Have a check on it maybe it could help out.

I actually agree with felixthomas you have to download it again and go for free download of the file…

I think this says enough. If the owner doesn’t give you the password, you’re out of luck.