Any guess for the font used on my graphic menu?

Hi there, I’m having a little issue with a graphic there. It’s from a menu in a french website I’m building, I’m actually doing the English version of this website, and need this graphic to be translated. The thing is I don’t have the .psd anymore and don’t remember which font I used on this. Is there a way of retrieving those info? I tried hard to use all the fonts I could on my computer but still nothing matches this. I wonder if someone there knows this font and can send it to me?
Secondly the graphic here for the menu “l’agence” I need the replace that text to “the agency” thing is that it will make the box Wider, I don’t have the right to reduce the font size as it must match the french version size
I would appreciate any hints or tips please. Here’s the link to the image on the website

You need to show where the font?

you mean, where I need the font to be replaced? It’s the same font used for all the text there.

The link you provided throws an error message.

Give this a try.
You can take a screen shot of the image, then crop it to the word and upload the image. It is pretty accurate with finding fonts.