Any good book for PHP advanced?

I’m looking for the PHP advanced books which don’t cover anything regarding for beginners. If possible, also include PHP 7 else {PHP 5.x)

I don’t know about any good book based on PHP. But you can try online website like-w3school. Hope you can learn from there.

There are a few PHP books on SP Premium to choose from.
I have not read any yet to make a recommendation, but they have reviews and descriptions to help you choose.

Glad to get your response. But I think w3school isn’t bad at all. Did you try there ever?

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I haven’t tried it. It used to have a poor reputation, as it was often out-of-date or contained errors. I believe it has improved since those days, but I’m not sure it’s really a resource for advanced learning. It doesn’t yet have anything about PHP7, which the OP was looking for.

As the question was specifically about books, rather than learning in general, let’s try to keep the thread on topic.

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Yeah sure. Actually I was trying to help that guy. However, could you suggest few good books?

You may look this book named, Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices. There are lots topics here. Hope this would help you.

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