Any experts with opinions on a CMS to support an Enterprise level eCommerce site?

Hey all!

I have been researching A LOT on available CMS which may be suitable for managing a large eCommerce Enterprise. The more I read the more I find, and the more these systems seem to fail on some level. Whether its regards to semantics or a lack of marketing functions the weighing up on which is best is too difficult for me to decide. I am not sure if there are many Sitepoint users with experience on this subject but I felt it would be a good place to ask. I actually thought that Adobe Business Catalyst may be the one until I read negative opinions.

I would appreciate any input on this at all!

Many thanks!

It depends on what you mean by “large ecommerce enterprise”, but if you are worried about code output, try something like ExpressionEngine, which only outputs what you write. :slight_smile:

Thanks ralph.m, I am checking that out now! Um, large enterprise application, I mean something similar to this

So something that would allow the management of content for an application like that, which would be completely managed by the owners of the eCommerce site, not the developer suggesting the CMS solution.


There are plenty of CMSes—with cart addons—that could handle this, I’m sure, like Drupal. And then there are CMSes specifically for ecommence, like osCommerce. I just mentioned ExpressionEngine because of the clean code it outputs.

But yes, with any of these options, the client should be able to add content independently of the developer. That’s one of the main purposes of a CMS.

Have a look into Magento Community or Enterprise. Not big enough? Check Demandware.

Thanks Slava75, I shall check that out right now!


I would definitely suggest Drupal.

It’s always best to say why. Otherwise, the recommendation doesn’t mean much—because your reasons for choosing it may not be relevant to someone else. :slight_smile: