Antivirus problema

hi! i use avira antivirus, but i have virus on my pc and avira don t help me. what can i use…kaspersky/norton/bitdefender? thx

In the past Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has found viruses not found by my regular AV software.



You can try Kaspersky. I am using it for the last five years. If you are a regular internet user, Kaspersky stands out as the very best of anti-virus packages.

thx for answear

I would recommend AVG.

Why is that, @vjproduction? Some more information about why you are recommending it would make your post much more useful.

Kaspersky. Using it for last 5 years and not a single problem even if you visit dangerous sites :smiley: like torr-ent or script sites. Before Kaspersky I used 2 more AV’s but they failed when the trojans and viruses did an attack on my system :slight_smile:

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