Another url redirect with .htaccess question

Greetings to everyone. I’m new at this forum and also new to programming in php.

I posted my first website on another forum for review and everyone said it was sh*t and they were true. One of the bad things are urls and links. I used $_get in urls which was bad for seo.
Now I’m learning how to rewrite urls with .htaccess for the past 7 days and still don’t get it.

I’ve learned regular expressions (at least the parts that i need) and I’ve managed to redirect to other scripts that don’t have GET paramaters atached to it, but with GET i can’t and don’t understand. I’ve read all the forum threads, stackoverflow posts and .htaccess tutorials and tried .htaccess generators (who i don’t want to use beacuse i want to learn) but still don’t get it.

This is my problem.

I have a website that has a product list. In the product list, there is a link for ‘Details’ on a product. The url is constructed from data fetched from a database like a name and an id so i could access the data in the file that the url points to. The link is as follows

Now, this link is in index.php, the starting document.

The file i which to be redirected is products.php?id=12 or some other id number. It depends on the product id fetched from the database.
So i wrote the rule like this…

RewriteRule ^Article-([a-zA-Z])/([0-9]+)/? products.php?id=$1

So, the url has two parts. The first is the name of the product that has to be in url. The name of the product is known by the ‘Article-’, then a regular expression for the actual name. Then, the id. Now, this works. Lets say my products name is ‘Coffie’ and id is 56. My url gets rewritten to but 404 error arises. The server can’t find products.php. Why?

All the help is welcome.

Thank you in advance.

RewriteRule ^Article-([a-zA-Z]+)/([0-9]+)/? products.php?id=$1

Thank you for your answer. After a week of exploration, I finally got the hole .htaccess rewritte url sh*t about an hour after i posted this. I cannot describe the happiness i fell at this moment. :).

Very big thanks for your answer