Another problem

When I arrive back at the forum there is usually a number in a blue disc just above the search icon. I click on that and get a list of recent updates to posts I am actively involved in. What I have noticed is that as soon as I click one of those links the blue disc disappears and I can no longer access any of the many other entries there. Opening them in a new tab works up until the point where I accidentally press the wrong key and open one over the current page - losing the rest of the links.

I have the same problem but if you click the speech bubble you can see the rest of the items. From memory the ones you have not read are highlighted yellow blue.

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That works. Thanks.

Just not very obvious the connection as the disc displays over the search icon not the speech bubble.

Screenshot please, as I see it on the top right of the notifications icon. Not above the Search icon.

Now I can’t paste the screenshot into the post. Another problem with the built in editor here.

Looking closer it is actually appearing almost exactly half way between the two icons but because it is at the extreme right of the screen it appears to be more closely associated with the search icon. It certainly is not closer to the speech bubble than it is to the search.

As said, the notifications remain when you click the speech bubble. However, you only see a certain number of latest results. For easier viewing, go to your profile and click Notifications to the left. Then you see a nice full page of all those notifications. (I’ve actually bookmarked that page in my browser toolbar).

@ralphm have you noticed the alternating grey rows over-riding the blue? i.e.
Go to it and clear the blues. Go to it a bit later and more blues are there.

Are you trying to give me the blues?

Hm, I haven’t noticed that. I just went in there and there were no blues. I check them pretty regularly, but mostly via the blue circle rather than the notifications page.