Anonymous email addresses for communication on site


I am trying to figure out what this email functionality is called so I can get a better understanding of it.

For example:

  • Website user sends an email request through my site to someone
  • Recipient receives email request from user (John Jones via my website) and then hits reply
  • When they hit reply, the ‘To’ email address is something like:
  • User John Jones then receives the email to his email box. (or a notification from my website with details of the response)

Does anyone know what this is called? Or send me on the right direction so i can research it more?

Many thanks

The functionality you’re describing is basically a MTA/MDA with a lot of forwarding rules in it that can be modified programmatically.

tbh i’ve never attempted to set something like that up so it would be beyond my current knowledgebase, but it sounds like an awful lot of effort for little gain over a standard on-site messaging system.

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