Annoying Text Size problem


So I have this website that I built and I mainly checked to see it looked in FireFox, which looked fine. However, when I checked the site in IE and Chrome, the text size was too big. So I tried fixing it, but now the text is too small for FireFox. I was setting my font in pixels, then I tried 0.8em. Now I tried at 10pt, but still experiencing the same problem.

This is how it currently looks. The one on the left is FireFox, and then Internet Explorer on the right.

And here’s my CSS

Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Probably better to set your font size on the <body> element in %, such as 85%. But also specify a font-family, such as

body {font: 85%/130% arial, sans-serif;}

Otherwise, the browser is choosing its own font, and different fonts have different sizes.

That seemed to fix the size problem, but I wasn’t feeling how the font looked in FireFox. So I ended up using some of the CSS from another site I have, which I’m not sure why I didn’t do so earlier… lol.

Well thanks :slight_smile:

Great, glad that sorted it. :slight_smile: