Angular-cli not building my angular project


I have inherited an angular 2 application which I know nothing about. I am absolutely new to angular and node.js programming. I need help building the application so that I can deploy it onto a Windows Server 2016 machine with IISNode installed.

I was referred to this site here for instructions on how to build an angular 2 application:

I installed angular-cli and then tried to build my application by running: ng build. It gave me this error:

It says “You have to be inside an angular-cli project in order to use the build command.”

Note that it also says the current package I am using is soon to be depricated. I am using node 6.10.3.

So my questions are:

  1. Where can I get the latest angular-cli package (for purposes of building my angular 2 application)?


  1. What folder do I have to be in so that I’m “inside an angular-cli project”? Is the fact that this is an angular 2 project mean it just isn’t an angular-cli project? If so, why was I told to build it with angular-cli? Is there a different building tool for angular 2 projects? (Ok, that was more than 1 question).

It looks like that project might not be using the cli. If that is the case you will need to build it manually. I would recommend researching the following questions before proceeding.

Verify that the project was not built with the cli.
If the project was not built with the cli seek options on google for building the project. One such option is to make the project compatible with the cli. I’m not sure a Angular 2 project will be compatible with the current version of the cli. You might need to use an older version compatible with 2. The most recent version of angular is 5. Things move really fast and you are pretty much left to your own demise if you fall to far behind.

Despite what people say modern front-end development using these tools is much more involved than a decade ago. Just getting your project to build can be a painful task at times. Especially if the packages being used become to out of date.

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Thanks ZooKeeper,

I looks like I will have to find other ways than cli to build this application.

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