Android Studio v 1.0 released

So, Android Studio has finally reached V 1.0, taking it out of beta. I have been using it the past few months after giving up a year or so ago.

Who else has used it? What are your thoughts? Will you switch from another IDE for the ‘official’ IDE?

I have been using it since beta 0.6. It even then, it is 100x better that Eclipse with ADT. Much more stable. It is a bit of a mindshift change when first moving over, but once you get used to the gradle build system, you will be hard pressed to move back to eclipse. V1 RC is definitely worth it in my opinion

I like it a lot to, I also use PHPStorm for other work, so generally like Jetbrains products, even though they’re not native applications :wink:

I used the Beta version for a Cordova PhonGap app. It was easy to use, but one of the devs said it wasn’t made for third party projects like Eclipse. I wrote an article about my experience. In the end, I really don’t need to use Android Studio to build my Cordova apps. However, the great plus was AS’s validation of the code.

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