AND doesnt seem to be working

my site,
produces some strange results, heres mt query
SELECT mess.subject, mess.message_txt, mess.mess_id, mess.parent_id, mess.created,, mess.display
FROM messages AS mess
INNER JOIN members
ON = mess.user_id
WHERE mess.parent_id = :id
OR mess.mess_id = :id
AND mess.display = 1
ORDER BY mess.created

Why is it displaying the message where the display is 0?

WHERE mess.parent_id = :id
OR mess.mess_id = :id
AND mess.display = 1

is interpreted as

WHERE mess.parent_id = :id
OR (mess.mess_id = :id
AND mess.display = 1)

(note the perentheses)
because AND has a higher precedence than OR

I’m guessing you wanted

WHERE (mess.parent_id = :id
OR mess.mess_id = :id)
AND mess.display = 1

instead, in which case you need to add those parentheses like I just did


When I have AND’s and OR’s in a WHERE clause I always use () to avoid this kind of unexpected behaviour.

As do I. Adds a bit more characters than needed, but a lot easier than remembering precedence order.

oh, didn’t know I could use ()s.


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